The Perilous Realm Online Part 6

Book One: The Endless Road Chapter Six   The wolf followed Will and Rowen through the streets, staying right behind them but not uttering a word. As they made their way back to Pluvius Lane, passersby stopped in their tracks and stared uneasily at the alarmingly large creature padding along the paving stones. When a […]

The Perilous Realm Online Part 5

  Book One: The Endless Road Chapter Five    He was walking through a field. Snow was falling.   He walked, and gazed around him, and saw that there were stones lying everywhere.  Small grey stones. The snow fell on them but it did not cover them. He stopped and picked up one of the […]

The Perilous Realm Online Part 4

Book One: The Endless Road Chapter Four Will followed numbly as the toymaker led them to his workshop. The old man’s words had stunned him. Despite what he’d told Pendrake, part of him really did want to see home again, to escape away this frightening place and return to what he knew, even if he […]

The Perilous Realm Online Part 3

Book One: The Endless Road Chapter Three Rowen and Will hurried along the road, passing stone farmhouses with pale smoke rising from their chimneys into the air. The rain began to fall in earnest. Once a small dog darted out from an open gate in a hedge and trotted along with them a short distance before […]

The Perilous Realm Online Part 2

  Book One: The Endless Road Chapter Two The girl hurried on and Will struggled to keep up with her. The wind had risen and branches whipped into his face as he plodded on.  Finally, to his relief, the girl stopped. She held the lantern before her, and now it began to glow a soft, […]

The Perilous Realm Online Part 1

Book One: The Endless Road   Chapter One It was dark here, darker than it should have been, the boy thought. The trees were so thick he could no longer see the sky. The rain that had been falling earlier, while he’d walked along the side of the road, had drawn off. He could hear […]

Fort Mac

“Fort Mac” a new story of mine, just published in a new Canadian literary magazine, Agnes and True.   


Bestiary, a sequence of short pieces about encounters between animals and humans, published in AGNI Online, was also featured in Hingston & Olsen’s 2016 Short Story Advent Calendar. Bestiary is an ongoing work which will eventually form part of a new collection of stories.    

Road Trip

A short piece titled “Road Trip,” published by Ariel Chart.

Kiss of Death

Even the wrapper they came in was unappealing. Orange and yellow and black. Who made them? Where did they come from? No kid on the planet liked them. When we hauled home our sacks of goodies at the end of Halloween night and dumped them out on the floor to see just what we’d gotten, […]