Every Blade of Grass available as print-on-demand

CreateSpaceBannerNov18If you love actual physical books like I do (which I presume you do if you found your way to this site) then I’m happy to tell you that Every Blade of Grass is available at last as a print-on-demand book you can hold in your hands, with actual pages that turn.


It’s been a long time coming. Lots of hurdles to clear. Lots to learn about designing, formatting and publishing a book.

Every Blade of Grass began as a question I asked myself one day: was it possible to write a novel about nature? About wonder and joy in the presence of the natural world? It’s such a strong emotion, I find, but it rarely finds expression in the novel, which as a genre is so often confined to people having emotions about other people? Was there a way to tell a compelling and moving tale about people with nature in the forefront of the story? That’s what I set out to discover, and how well I succeeded is for readers to say.




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