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Review of Every Blade of Grass

Read Allan Hepburn’s thoughtful review of Every Blade of Grass, in the Toronto Review of Books.

Wonderful 5-star review of Every Blade of Grass

  by Hugh Griffith on Amazon “Every Blade of Grass by Thomas Wharton starts with a letter left at the front desk of a hotel in Iceland. The recipient, Martha, is a neophyte journalist from New York and the sender is a young biologist from Vancouver. Very quickly the story progresses as a series of […]

Read the opening pages of Every Blade of Grass

  Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, grow, grow.  — The Talmud     1 When she went to check out in the morning she found a letter waiting for her at the front desk.   The only thing written on the plain white envelope was her name, but […]

The Logogryph online

That rare and elusive volume, The Logogryph: A Bibliography of Imaginary Books, is now available as a beautiful PDF, complete with Wesley Bates’ charming illustrations, on the Gaspereau Press website.  

Icefields recommendation

A very kind review/recommendation of my first novel, Icefields, at the 101GreatReads blog.            

Writer’s Block (Party!)

Writer’s Block: a vast concrete edifice, one square mile in size and rising countless not-quite-finished stories into the dazzling sky of Silent City.  The enticing red light district known as Muse Mews is just down the street, but there’s always construction going on between it and the Block, so it’s actually pretty hard to get […]

On being bored (and enjoying it)

All these wonderful gadgets in our lives. We never have to be bored, not for a moment. That’s a loss for us, I believe. If we eradicate boredom from our lives, we choke off the flow of our own creativity. Constantly fleeing boredom, we end up always bored.   When I tell my son it’s […]

Why do you write?

Recently a reader contacted me, wondering what inspires me to write. What’s my main reason for writing? Is it to provoke thought in a reader? Here’s my reply:   Dear X, I read your message with great interest, and your question kept crossing my mind over the next few days as I asked it of […]

Lucid writing

A lucid dream is one in which you realize you are dreaming and deliberately remain in the dream, aware that it is a dream and that to some extent you can shape and direct what happens. A lucid dream, unlike ordinary dreams (or at least our hazy memories of them) has a clarity, vividness and […]

On being an Alberta writer

I have a complicated relationship with the place I live. I was born in northern Alberta, I’ve lived in one place or other in the province all my life, and I don’t really see myself moving elsewhere. But I’ve always felt out of place here, to some degree. Growing up in the oil and gas […]