A few samples of my short fiction.

Kiss of Death

Even the wrapper they came in was unappealing. Orange and yellow and black. Who made them? Where did they come from? No kid on the planet liked them. When we hauled home our sacks of goodies at the end of Halloween night and dumped them out on the floor to see just what we’d gotten, […]

Stuff Superman Overhears

                    I’ve got a piece in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency that imagines what Superman would likely be bombarded with every single day. Read the whole thing here.  

New story: “Valerie Bug”

  “One morning, after a night of primitive neural activity that vaguely resembled dreams, an insect woke to discover that it had been transformed into a woman named Valerie…”   New story of mine in the Danforth Review!

Machine vs Snot-Monster

 a story for Ray Bradbury   The boy said to the machine, Tell me a story. The boy had a cold and had to stay home from school that day while his parents were at work. The machine looked after the boy. It filtered the air and regulated the temperature inside the home so that […]


Waves. Standing at the edge of the red rock. They’re shouting at me. Jump. My toes at the very edge, curling over. Claw toes. Can’t see into the slip slap flashing water. Waves. Jump. The waves from the motorboat skier slapping the rock. Tow rope flash. Waves bulling in slip slap white. Wind gust. Cold. Claw. Goosebumps. Dog […]