The Fair Folk

FairFolkBlurThe Perilous Realm is the world of Story, and the Fair Folk are known in many stories by many names.

The Fae. The Xian. The Sidhe. The Nunnehi. The Tylwyth Teg. The Aziza.

One could say that each storyworld sees and knows the forms and faces of the Shee in its own way. Each is one facet of the truth about these wise and mysterious beings, a truth which is wider and deeper than any one story can contain. The Fair Folk can appear tall and lordly. They are also “the wee folk.” They can be menacing and terrifying to behold. They can look much like you and me that we would never know it was them. They can become thin and insubstantial enough to hide between the covers of a book. They can become nothing more than a voice telling an old tale by the fire.

In the novels of The Perilous Realm trilogy, the Fair Folk are sometimes referred to as the Tain Shee.

No one knows how long the Tain Shee lived in Eleel and the lands around it before the Great Unweaving. After the capture of their city and the destruction of their homeland, the Tain Shee fled and went into hiding from the Night King, and in time they became known as the Shee n’ashoon, or the Hidden Folk. (The name shee n’ashoon literally means “the shoeless people” and refers to their ability to pass unseen and unheard and leave no tracks).

What is also unclear is whether the Fair Folk are immortal. It seems that they once were, in the timeless time at the beginning of the Realm, but that mortality entered their world along with Story itself. They may live far longer than human beings, but even the Fair Folk must die and return to the Weaving, along with everything else.

The Hidden Folk travel in what is known to some as the Green Court, a moving city of tents and pavilions that is glimpsed at rare times by wanderers in wild, unpeopled lands and on the shores of lonely seas.

In the struggle to prevent the Night King from devouring all of the Realm, as told in The Tree of Story, the Hidden Folk may be forced to reveal themselves at last to their ancient enemy, and march into his Shadow world. But the Stewards are no more and so this time the Shee will have to march alone against the Night King.



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