Will Lightfoot

WillLightfoot2Will Lightfoot is a boy from our world. He has dark wavy hair, brown eyes, and stands about five foot four. His birthday is August 6th and his full name is William Joseph Lightfoot. He is the son of Jack and Rose Lightfoot. Joe is a welder and mechanic. Rose was a gardener and a fine storyteller. Will has a younger sister named Jess (short for Jessica).

 Will’s interests (at least before meeting Rowen of Blue Hill) included soccer, video games, and drawing.

When Will was 11 his mother became ill and spent a number of weeks in hospital before passing away. Rose was of Native American ancestry and when Will was younger his mother told him stories based on the tales and legends of her people. Most of these stories involved a boy hero named Light-of-Foot, or Lightfoot, who roamed the prairies and mountains with his pony Great Heart, having all kinds of adventures. After his mother’s death Will lost interest in books and stories.

 Three years after Rose’s death, Jack Lightfoot got a job offer in another city in the west. He decided to take the job and move his family because Will and Jess were not coping well with the loss of their mother. Jess has stopped speaking in anything more than a whisper, and Will had become sullen, withdrawn and was almost always angry. Jack hoped new surroundings might help his children.

 The family spent several days crossing the country in their rickety camper van. Along the way they stopped at a campsite where Will stole his father’s beloved old motorcycle. He ended up crashing it and found himself in a strange world called the Perilous Realm…


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