The World of the Trilogy

All about the characters, places, and creatures of the Perilous Realm

The Fair Folk

The Perilous Realm is the world of Story, and the Fair Folk are known in many stories by many names. The Fae. The Xian. The Sidhe. The Nunnehi. The Tylwyth Teg. The Aziza. One could say that each storyworld sees and knows the forms and faces of the Shee in its own way. Each is […]


Shade began life somewhere far to the northwest of the Bourne, as an ordinary wild wolf, before the Great Unweaving changed the Realm. He was the leader of a pack of wolves that hunted in the forests and tundra of the north, and at that time he had no name, nor did he have the […]

The wildman

His name is Balor Gruff. He’s nearly seven feet tall. Where he comes from, originally, is unknown. He was found by an Errantry patrol as a baby, abandoned or lost in the forest, and was brought back to Fable, where he was cared for and raised. He was given the last name of Gruff because […]


When we first meet her in The Shadow of Malabron, Rowen is nearly fourteen years old. She has pale red hair, dark green eyes, and stands about five feet tall. Rowen lives in the city of Fable with her grandfather, Nicholas Pendrake the toymaker (and loremaster). The toymaker’s housekeeper, Edweth Little, has also looked after Rowen […]

Will Lightfoot

Will Lightfoot is a boy from our world. He has dark wavy hair, brown eyes, and stands about five foot four. His birthday is August 6th and his full name is William Joseph Lightfoot. He is the son of Jack and Rose Lightfoot. Joe is a welder and mechanic. Rose was a gardener and a […]


Nightbane is the collective word for beings from the shadow side of Story. They have also been called “Banefolk,” although some scholars object to the term “folk” as being too nice and neighbourly for creatures known to perpetrate acts of horrific violence. Nightbane include such familiar entities as goblins, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, some giants (not […]

What is the Perilous Realm?

Q. Since the Realm is a huge world, would places such as the Screaming Wastelands, Bourne, Snowlands, Twilight Land, Dark Aunc, Tirreth Dree and Arzareth be like seperate provinces/states/countries within it? A. The Realm is the world (or worlds) of Story, so really it is infinite in size, as vast and neverending as all the […]

Getting to the Perilous Realm

Q. How do you get to the Perilous Realm? A. Storytellers are always crossing back and forth between our world and the Perilous Realm, but when they’re asked how one gets to the places they describe, they can be pretty evasive. The answer, unfortunately, is that there really is no tried and tested way to […]