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  • The trilogy is complete: all three books are available now
  • Tree of Story article

    by Liz Withey Raising three children takes commitment. Writing them a trilogy of fantasy books, well, that takes a father’s dedication to a whole new level. But Thomas Wharton has no trouble, on the page and off, navigating beyond the bounds of the ordinary into the fantastic territory. The Tree of Story, in stores Nov. 2, is… [Continue Reading]

    Tree of Story article
  •       The third volume in the Perilous Realm Trilogy – The Tree of Story is available now. Order your copy at this Amazon link! In this, the conclusion to the sweeping Perilous Realm trilogy, Will and Rowen journey through the Shadow Realm–a wasteland of deserted cities and abandoned belongings–to rescue Rowen’s grandfather, the loremaster Nicholas… [Continue Reading]

  • Globe & Mail Review of ‘The Fathomless Fire’

    The Fathomless Fire shows Wharton getting comfortable as a fantasy writer. When Will returns to the Realm, we see its landscape of rising forests and desert plains in full colour. The publisher provides no map within the book’s pages, but there are enough rich sensory details to make the Realm feel close at hand. Read the… [Continue Reading]

    Globe & Mail Review of ‘The Fathomless Fire’
  • Interview for the Deakin Review of Children’s Literature

    Thomas Wharton speaks to Linda Quirk about his writing and his latest novel in the Perilous Realm trilogy of young adult fantasy novels. The interview is a supplement to the Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, an electronic journal published by the University of Alberta Library.

    Interview for the Deakin Review of Children’s Literature

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