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  • The Logogryph online

    That rare and elusive volume, The Logogryph: A Bibliography of Imaginary Books, is now available as a beautiful PDF, complete with Wesley Bates’ charming illustrations, on the Gaspereau Press website.  

    The Logogryph online
  • Excerpt from my new book

    An excerpt from my upcoming novel, Every Blade of Grass, to be published this summer. “Before email, Facebook, and Twitter, people wrote letters. Wharton’s new genre-defining eco-romance is based on a true-life correspondence between a man and a woman living on opposite sides of a continent. James Wheeler and Martha Geddes meet at an environmental… [Continue Reading]

    Excerpt from my new book
  • Icefields recommendation

    A very kind review/recommendation of my first novel, Icefields, at the 101GreatReads blog.            

    Icefields recommendation
  • Every Blade of Grass

    “Thank you for relaying Professor Magnusson’s tale of the Arctic frog – this is just the kind of strange little-known fact I can’t resist. Here’s one that a birdwatching friend happened to mention the other day: owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue. I have no idea if this is an… [Continue Reading]

    Every Blade of Grass
  • House hunting

    House hunting   They’d left the last Starbucks behind hours ago. Past the last streetlights and the last fire hydrants the realtor led them. Through the outermost subdivisions and beyond, into the unpaved territories. There were no roads here, no signposts, only grass and bushes and trees, and low, muddy patches you had to be… [Continue Reading]

    House hunting

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